Ultimate Profit Blueprint™

Our Ultimate Profit Blueprint is your blueprint to build success

  • Ultimate Profit BlueprintPotential Profit Scouts™
    Already purchased a home or looking? We will assess homes with a profitability score for future purchases.
  • Foundation Assessment Score™
    We will determine why you own the home, and what you plan on doing with it.

    • Investors Advantage™
      We overview all real estate trends and futures to create the best environment for selling a home.
    • Heritage Solutions™
      We understand tax laws, real estate gifting rules, investment scenarios and prepare properties for long term upkeep.
  • CornerStone Digital Annex™
    We leverage our custom software to make the best of your investment.
  • Rent Maximizer Process™
    Our unique processes make it easy to get the most rent possible with the least amount of resistance.
  • Quarterly Evaluation Summit™
    We review with industry leaders, analysis teams, trends, and reporting to create a document detailing new ideas.
  • The Caldwell Capstone™
    The constant analysis of when to sell.


  • Chandler Property Management | The Investment Game

    “I’m finally in it”, says the savvy investor.  I’m finally in the investment game!  He just had his first primetime real estate transaction.  He’s been thinking about doing it for years.  Finally with these prices, who can resist.  His house is set to close next week.  He wants to sit on it for awhile and let that appreciation and inflation do its work.  Although he can’t afford letting it just sit there he should probably get a tenant.  read more

  • Chandler Property Management | It’s Wet Out There

    Here’s hoping everyone stays safe and healthy this monsoon season. To keep your spirits up, try singing in the rain. It worked for Gene Kelly :)

  • Gilbert Property Management | Screening a Tenant

    In today’s market of leasing properties, everyone wants to find that perfect tenant.  Believe it or not they are out there.  However, sometimes we don’t have the time or finances to wait around for that to walk through the door.  In the meantime, there are key items that you should be looking for in approving that certain someone to move into your cherished investment.  Let’s look at these item by item. read more

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