Caldwell Property Management Receives 2024 Best of Chandler Award

Chandler Award Program Honors the Achievement CHANDLER March 11, 2024 — Caldwell Property Management has been selected for the 2024 Best of Chandler Award in the Property Management category by the Chandler Award Program. Each year, the Chandler Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and…

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I Can’t Sell My House! What Should I Do?


Stuck with Your Home? Consider Renting Instead of Selling In today’s evolving real estate landscape, homeowners in Phoenix, like many across the nation, are grappling with an unexpected dilemma– they can’t seem to sell their homes. The Phoenix real estate market has witnessed a significant shift as potential sellers face challenges in finding buyers willing…

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Why Landlords Should Allow Pets


Pawsitive Impact: Why Landlords in the Phoenix Metro Area Should Welcome Pets 70% of tenants own pets Your property will experience more turnover if you don’t allow pets Your property will stay vacant for longer if you don’t allow pets When it comes to renting out your property in the Phoenix area, you might be…

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The Banking Disruption and Its Impact on Investors

The banking disruption has significantly impacted real estate investors, particularly those working with property management companies. Several regional banks have experienced financial disruptions, leading to a loss of confidence in the banking sector. To make up for this, real estate investors should consider the banking institution they use and whether their bank accounts are set…

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Should I Self Manage My Rental Home? No

Typical homes in the United States now cost $334,000. For many people, rising costs have allowed landlords to generate higher rental income. Working with a realtor and buying an investment property is an amazing opportunity for those who can afford to do so. When it comes to property management, though, doing things yourself isn’t a path…

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AZ Residential Rental Licensing Requirements and Process

Owning a rental property brings its own share of challenges and benefits. You get access to tax benefits, a reliable passive source of income, and you still retain access to the property. The downsides are that tenants may become difficult, and you have to maintain the property for them.  You can rent out an investment property…

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Can I Increase Rent on My New Rental Property?

Can I Increase Rent on My New Rental Property

It may surprise you to learn that homes cost an average of over $450,000 as of 2023. For some people, this has served as an obstacle when purchasing a new home. For many others, though, it has proven to be a great investment opportunity. When it comes to property management, not everybody understands if they can increase…

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How to Choose Property Management Services: What You Need to Know


Although the market might be cooling down, it’s still a prime time for Arizona property owners and investors to make the most of their rentals. That said, being a landlord isn’t easy, and it requires you to have certain skills. For instance, you must stay updated on the latest trends, handle maintenance, collect rent, and so…

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Do I Have to Rekey My Rental Properties Between Tenants?

Did you know that there are nearly 3,500 property crimes per 100,000 people in Phoenix every year? Whether you’re a seasoned property owner or just starting, you may be wondering if rekeying your rental between tenants is necessary. In this blog post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of rekeying and help you make the best decision…

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